De-Bug Clean Fuel Units

To Eliminate Diesel Bacteria, Yeast, Algae And Fungus.

This Is The Very Best Diesel-Bug Treatment:

Effectiveness shown in testing by ILAC Accredited Laboratories
and Endorsed By Users Over 35 Years.

No Chemicals, No filters, Does Not Create Bug Sludge.

Fit Once And It's The End Of Diesel-Bug Problems With
Ongoing Treatment For 12 Years.

Kill, Fix Eliminate Diesel bugs, bacteria, yeast, algae & fungus
RIVO Netherlands
Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research

Efficacy Demonstrated Through Rigorous Testing: The De-Bug Clean Fuel Units have undergone rigorous testing by Shell Oil, RIVO, and ICI in ILAC Accredited Laboratories. These tests showcase the ability of De-Bug Units to eliminate all species of diesel bacteria, yeast, and fungus from diesel systems.

Field Trials and User Endorsements: Real-world scenarios and field trials demonstrate the effectiveness of De-Bug Units. Users endorse the units for providing bug-free fuel systems, restoring power and torque, reducing pollution, and leading to substantial savings.

Performance Benefits: Fuel filters and injectors remain clear of microbial slime, allowing better fuel atomization and spray. Improved fuel burn, resulting in better performance, easier starting, and smoother running. Return of power and torque, reducing fuel burn and black exhaust smoke.

Environmental Impact: Reduction in pollution with cleaner emissions from diesel systems. Eco-friendly approach with no harmful chemicals.

Substantial Savings: Users report significant savings in maintenance costs and fuel efficiency.

Testing I Savings I Endorsements

Diesel bug treatment - kills diesel bugs - diesel fungus, diesel yeasts, diesel bacteria, Saves fuel, keeps engines running as they should,

Key Features:

35 years of continuous production and tens of thousands of fitments.

Helps fuel burn better: Field trials and user testimonials confirm torque and power return with reduced fuel use.

Safe fuel and component cleaning: Effectively cleans fuel and components without causing harm.

Clean, green technology, Eco Friendly Approach: Environmentally friendly, free from poisons, filters, and waste.

Testing I Savings I Endorsements

Save Fuel, Reduce Fuel Consumption


Fuel filters and injectors: Remain clear of microbial slime for better fuel atomization.

Fuel burns better: More complete and even rate, contributing to improved performance.

No disposable items: No need for replacement filters, biocides, or additives.

Durable and long-lasting: Robust, high-quality, hand-made casings with marine-grade non-corrosive metals.

Why Choose De-Bug Clean Fuel Units:

Proven Solution: Extensive testing and decades of successful use. Continuous treatment as the engine/ laundering system is used.

Diesel Bug Elimination: Maintains cleanliness and integrity of diesel fuel.

Proactive Prevention: Guards against future contamination to ensure optimal performance. No Harm to Components: Safely cleans without causing damage to fuel system components.

Installation and Longevity: Installed before the primary fuel filter with no need for additional filters or biocides. No dead bug sludge, very occasional maintenance required.

12 Years of Continuous Operation: The units keep working reliably for 12 years. Supported by substantial user endorsements.


The De-Bug Clean Fuel Units:

Installed into the fuel line before the Primary fuel filter: Works while the engine, or fuel laundering system is run. Supported by substantial User Endorsements.

Robust, High Quality and Hand Made: Casings are individually cast using marine grade non-corrosive metals. Each Unit is then assembled and thoroughly tested. No filters to replace, and work faithfully for many, many years.

De-Bug Clean Fuel Units eliminate diesel bugs without using biocides, filters and do NOT create bug sludge.

Robust, high-quality, hand-made casings manufactured from marine-grade non-corrosive metals.

Ongoing operation while using the engine or running a recirculating/laundering system.

Easy maintenance with occasional draining.

Range of De-Bug Clean Fuel Units

L140 Diesel Bug Treatment Fix Cleaner
L140 Unit : Up 100Hp/ 75Kw
L500 Diesel Bug Treatment Fix Cleaner
L500 Unit: Upto 500hp/ 372Kw
L1000 Diesel Bug Treatment Fix Cleaner
L1000 Unit: Upto 1000Hp/ 740Kw
L5000 - Flow: Upto 5000 L/hr


The De-Bug Clean Fuel Units are presented as a reliable and durable solution, backed by extensive testing and user endorsements. The emphasis on effectiveness to kill diesel bug, environmental friendliness, extended equipment life, improved fuel performance, zero operating costs, and substantial savings positions the product as a beneficial and effective choice for users concerned about fuel system cleanliness and performance.

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Used by Marine Corporations, Fuel companies, Militaries, Mining Companies, Law enforcement, Freight Companies, Telecoms, Standby Gen Sets, Farmers, 4X4’s, Boats, Yachts, etc.

Mission Statement

For 35 years, we have produced genuine De-Bug Fuel Treatment Units that eliminate and clean microbial contamination from diesel, jet fuels and hydrocarbon oils. De-Bug Clean Fuel Units continuously eliminate diesel bugs as you use the engine and keep working for 12 years: No Slime, No Additives, No Bug Sludge Created and No replacement filters. Visit the Links to read 100% genuine Lab tests and 100% genuine reports and endorsements from real users:

Laboratory Tests, Reports And Endorsements

- All Laboratory Tests on this website are 100% genuine and conducted by ILAC Accredited Laboratories.

- All Reports And Endorsements on this website are 100% genuine, genuinely written by users without enticement or reward.

- All Laboratory Tests, Reports and Endorsements apply only to these products and are protected by Copyright and Trademark Laws.

Yes, there are those who are sceptical, but this is worth considering: These Laboratory tests were conducted by Qualified Scientists in ILAC Accredited Laboratories, and the Endorsements were written by Mechanical and Fuel Engineers, Business Owners and Private Owners of diesel powered vehicles, who themselves have witnessed these products work 'first hand'.

Testing I Savings I Endorsements


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