De-Bug Clean Fuel Units

The Best Diesel Bug Treatment to Eliminate Bacteria, Yeasts and Fungus

Tested in three ILAC Laboratories, Documented Insitu tests, Endorsed by diesel engineers.
Time proven over thirty five years of production and many thousands fitments.
Non-toxic: Safe on engines, safe for users and safe for the environment.


- Bug treatment that continually eliminates and prevents diesel bacteria, yeasts and fungus, while you use the engine.
- No bug sludge, no filters, helps fuel burn better,
- Fuel filters, and injectors remain clear of microbial slime,
- Engines produce more power and improved torque, 
- Reduces fuel consumption for work done, 
- Reduces black exhaust smoke, 
- Easier starting,
- Improved idle,
- Smoother running,
- No disposable items to replace,
- No additives,
- Lasts and keeps working for twelve years.

Used by Marine Corporations, Fuel companies, Mining Companies, Law enforcement, Freight Companies, Telecoms, Farmers, Owners of 4X4's

L140 100L/hr/ 100Hp/ 75Kw
L140 Unit : Up 100Hp/ 75Kw
For Upto 500hp/ 370Kw
L500 Unit: Upto 500hp/ 372Kw
L1000 For Upto 1000hp/ 740Kw
L1000 Unit: Upto 1000Hp/ 740Kw
L5000 - For Upto 5000hp/ 3730Kw - 5000 L/hr
L5000 Unit: Upto 5000 Hp/ 3729 Kw
De-Bug Clean Fuel Units help fuel to last longer and burn cleaner

Fits Before Primary Filter, Keeps Working While Using Engines, and Lasts 12 Years

  • Treatment is continuous while using the fuel pump
  • Cleans fuel to be burnt, 
  • And cleans fuel before returning to the tank 


Shell Testing

Shell undertook a comparative trial to ascertain the effectiveness of De-Bug Multi-Mag units …
It is evident from the results that the De-Bug device is capable of reducing the fuel degrading organisms even at high flow rates, as encountered in a service station situation.“The trial, conducted at the premises of Shell Oil New Zealand: with high existing levels of fungus and bacteria, had significantly lower fungal and bacterial counts when treated with De-Bug units … Testing

RIVO Testing

RIVO undertook a trial of De-Bug units over a period of four months in 1990.
“From the research, it is now definitely established that on the test ships GO 22 and GO 28 the contamination was controlled within one week of the installation of the De-Bug L4000 unit.”
” Further it is worth mentioning that installing the L4000 De-Bug Unit on the GO 22 increased the service life of the filters from two weeks to 14 months, while the lifetime of the injector nozzles was lengthened from 9 to 14 months.”
In all three cases, microbial contamination was reduced between 90 and 100% and then successfully controlled – Testing

ICI Testing

Testing of Diesel Samples for Microbiological Contamination from a Truck fitted with the De-Bug Unit.
The report confirmed the overall effectiveness of the De-Bug unit in an in-situ test – treating contaminated fuel on ‘at work’ fuel system. The test determined,
” … regardless of the contamination level in the tank, the De-Bug unit successfully cleaned up the fuel system”.
During the in-situ test an average of over 90% of the fungi and yeast cells were killed. Testing


Shell Testing

Four gas turbines used for power generation on an oil rig. These turbines burn 5 gallons per minute per engine when loaded. When a De-Bug Unit was fitted: “… filter usage cost has dropped from $8,000 per year to less than $1,000 per year. We satisfied with the appearance of the fuel we have has no unscheduled engine shutdowns due to clogged filters. The De-Bug Unit has performed as well as we were told it would …” Savings

De-Bug Clean Fuel Units in Mining

“In addition to these savings, we are now using around 8% less fuel. TMS is partly from better engine economy and partly from reduced fuel wastage due to bacterial contamination levels” Savings 

De-Bug Diesel bug killer

Singapore Port Authority One Trail two trails: 
Undertook a trial on three vessels involving the monitoring of fuel consumption (usage per hour).
The two vessels that were known to have higher than normal fuel consumption recorded savings of 20% and the third vessel which had normal fuel consumption returned savings of 15%    Savings

Marine Endorsments

4x4, Truck and Tractor Endorsements

Genset and Fuel Supply Endorsements

Reliable Information

All Laboratory Tests on this website are 100% genuine, were conducted in ILAC Accredited Laboratories, and were performed using only to De-Bug Fuel Treatment Units for the reduction of microbial contamination.

 Endorsements on this website are 100% Genuine, were written by users of De-Bug Clean Fuel Units without enticement nor reward,  stating their first hand experience and their conclusions drawn from data ‘while using De-Bug Units’ compared to previous data recorded from ‘before using De-Bug Units’.

All Claims of Effectiveness reliable as they are based on Laboratory test results and 35 years of genuine User feedback.

Mission Statement

For 35 years we have produced genuine De-Bug Fuel Treatment Units that eliminate and clean microbial contamination from diesel and jet fuels.

De-Bug Clean Fuel Units continuously eliminate diesel bugs as you use the engine and keep working for 12 years:
No Additives and no replacement filters.

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