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Ron Moon Roving Editor of 4X4 Australia

Within two weeks of fitting a De-Bug Unit, the problem vanished and fuel filters now only get changed at regular service intervals, when they still look absolutely fine – Read Article

RAAF Aircraft Technician:

The injector pump had to be stripped … the injector caps were eroded by microbial corrosion … I found De-Bug Units best suited to the job and fitted them to both my son’s Nissan and my Landrover. Since then, we have enjoyed trouble-free motoring …  Read Report


New Zealand Fire Service:

“One particular Fire Appliance, a Dennis, had complete fuel starvation on call to an emergency. When finding the cause of this problem, we discovered a fungus-like growth in the water trap. Realising microbial contamination caused the fuel starvation, we fitted a De-Bug Fuel Treatment Unit …” – Read Report

Volvo F 16:

“Since fitting the De-Bug unit, we have run the filters to 45,000Kms as a test without any problems. This proves beyond doubt these Units do work, and the long-term benefits to the fuel system are obvious, as well as the consistent performance.” – Read Report

Owner Driver

With the De-Bug fitted to my vehicle I noticed a dramatic difference, the vehicle was idling much smoother, and after running it through it’s paces the engine was pulling a lot more effectively. Since then I have had my vehicle serviced three or four times and noticed that the microbial infestation had not re-germinated. The fungus like growth used to be in the water trap, not a trace of it in the f filters. The water trap stopped the ‘bug’ from going into the filters, which was lucky, and since the installation of the De-Bug unit it has been perfect – Read Report

Volvo F1225

“With the De-Bug fitted to my vehicle, I noticed a dramatic difference, the vehicle was idling much smoother, and after running it through its paces the engine was pulling a lot more effectively.” – Read Report


R60 Duetz Headers:

“One major saving was fuel filters. The machine with the De-Bug, none were changed. The machine without the De-Bug, Four sets of fuel filters were changed.”   – Read Report

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