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Shell Deepwater Production USA

“We are pleased to inform you that since we installed one of your L-4000 De-Bug units here on Auger, the results has been better than expected …

Four gas turbines used for power generation on an oil rig. These turbines burn 5 gallons per minute per engine when loaded. When a De-Bug Unit was fitted: “… filter usage cost has dropped from $8,000 per year to less than $1,000 per year. We satisfied with the appearance of the fuel we have has no unscheduled engine shutdowns due to clogged filters. The De-Bug Unit has performed as well as we were told it would …” Read Report

Caterpillar 2097hp Genset:

“Filter life was extended while the generators were equipped with DE-BUG Fuel Treatment Units. This occurred while the plant was receiving constantly contaminated fuel.”
“The RACOR filter life was extended from 2 days to 7 days, 8 days, 9 days and 10 days in sequence on Generator 5. Generator 4 had similar results. The life of the filter was extended four times with a 2 MM filter. The life of a 10 MM filter was extended 2.5 times – from 7 to 19 days. This was an extension of 12 days.”
“The immediate change in filter life after the DE-BUG L4000 was removed indicated that the unit cleaned the fuel and was responsible for the extension of filter life.” – Read Report

Remote Power Stations; Darwin, Australia

Power and Water Authority of the Northern Territory fitted De-Bug units to the fuel systems and recorded increases in fuel filter life from 168 hours to 500 hours. Further trials demonstrated that filter life could be increased well beyond 500 hours – Read Report

Diesel Agencies Limited:

“It is now over a year since the first De-Bug was fitted and we have not encountered any of our usual batch of problems with generator sets having a De-Bug installed in the fuel system. Much better than this however, when the annual service checks are carried out filter screens and cartridges are in such a clean condition …” – Read Report

Fuel Supply and Bunkering

Shell Oil New Zealand Limited:

“We would like to thank you for the advice and practical help and your staff have extended towards us over the past two years helping to eliminate a very difficult problem “out there” in the market place.” Read Report

Western Mining Corporation Ltd:

“In addition to these savings, we are now using around 8% less fuel. TMs is partly from better engine economy and partly from reduced fuel wastage due to bacterial contamination levels” Read Report

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