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L500 De-Bug Unit


   Max Flow Rate: 500 L/Hr
   Engine Ratings: 100 to 500Hp / 370Kw

   For: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, bio-diesel, light oils, gas oil, jet, kerosene.
   Flow Direction with unit mounted: Left-Right.
   Operating Pressure: 50 psi.
   Port Size: 1/2 inch Tapered NPT/ Tapered BSP

   Materials: LM6 – marine grade, anti-corrosive aluminium alloy.
   Weight: 1.5 kilograms.
   Size: 127mm wide, 160mm high, 115mm deep.

   Thread. * Use Only Brass Fittings

   Installation: Two 10mm bolts.


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The L500 De-Bug Unit is an effective; Laboratory tested diesel bug treatment that eliminates existing microbial infestations: Bacteria, Yeast, Fungus and algae, then continually prevents infestations from reoccurring simply by using the engine or re-circulation system.
If there are diesel bugs in the fuel/ oil, you can expect a notable improvement in power, a 5%+* reduction in fuel use and filters will last routine service intervals. Injectors and fuel won’t block or corrode because of the diesel bugs.

Time has proven effective, efficient, clean diesel bug treatment, Independent Laboratory Tests and 35 Years of Use with Genuine User Endorsements.
Ref*: Savings

Applications: Trucks, generator sets, machinery, bulk tanks, Boats and fluid treatment applications up to 140 litres per hour.

Fitting and Operating

The L500 De-Bug Unit is the size of a typical filter housing and is easily installed to the fuel line before the primary filter. As most Diesels have recirculating fuel systems, the diesel is continuously passed through the L500 De-Bug Unit to destroy microbial contaminants in the fuel tank systematically. Your filters remain virtually clear of slime, and the engine will retain operating efficiencies longer over service cycles. All of these benefits are permanently achieved without using any biocide chemicals. Provided the unit is fitted correctly and used, the L500 De-Bug Unit is guaranteed to reduce microbial contamination significantly.

The L500 De-Bug Unit is unconditionally guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12.8 × 12 cm
Flow Direction

Available in flow Directions Left to Right and Right to Left

L500 DE-Bug UnitL500 De-Bug Unit